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Thursday, August 28

13:30 Registration opens
14:00 WS Session 1
15:45 Coffee Break
16:00 RoEduNet2 Round Table
18:00 Registration close
19:00 Welcome Party

Friday, August 29

08:00 Registration opens
08:45 Conference Opening
09:00 Section 1
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Section 2
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Section 3
15:45 Coffee Break
16:00 Section 4
18:00 Registration closes
19:00 Conference Party & Concert

Saturday, August 30

08:00 CSIRT Workshop
09:00 Section 5
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Section 6
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Conference Close

For WS1, see http://www.cv.utcluj.ro/iccp2008/index.php/workshops.html

Sections hosted by Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Str. G. Baritiu Nr. 28

Welcome Party Piramida Casa Universitarilor "Colegiul Academic" Str. Em. de Martonne Nr.1

Conference Party & Concert Restaurant Chios Parcul Central


Section 1

Designing Perimeter Security - Dragos Titescu
Bluetooth network for medical data transfer in an outpatient enviroment - Mihai Chetan
The New Generation of the Web: Mobile Web - Razvan Daniel Zota
Wireless Communication in Ubiquitous Environments, an Easy Target to Attacks - Doina Bein
Wireless Sensor Networks in Heathcare - an architectural approach - Sandor Rozsa

Section 2

GÉANT2 and towards GÉANT3 - Otto Kreiter
On Participation of MD-Grid JRU Consortium in SEE-GRID-SCI Project - Veaceslav Sidorenco
Activities of surveillance regarding the behaviour of hydraulic structures with GRID technologies - Viorel Marinescu
Network Storage Solutions for Computer Clusters - Octavian Rusu

Section 3

Spam Handling in Heterogeneous Environments - Octavian Rusu
Duplicate Transfer Problem inside a Proxy's Cache - Darius Bufnea
Evaluation of Security and Countermeasures for SIP-based VoIP Architecture - Tudor Mihai Blaga
Component based platform for multimedia applications - Ovidiu Ratoi
Solutions for Real-Time Communication over Best-Effort Netwroks - Anca Pop

Section 4

Cisco 21-st Century Education, an Ultramobile Communication Solution - Ciprian Popoviciu Teleconferinta
"Mirror segmentation": A New Segmentation Strategy for Video Objects inside Video Caches - Claudiu Cobarzan
Optimizing service availability in VoIP signaling networks, by decoupling query handling in an asynchronous RPC manner - Voichita Almasan
Optimized adaptation of video streams in streaming servers - Adrian Sterca

Section 5

Microsoft Microsoft Live@edu - The Future of Student Collaboration is Here - Victor Chirita
End-to-End QoS Frameworks for Heterogeneous Networks - A Survey - Bogdan Iancu
MD-CERT Services for Scientific and Research Communities of Moldova - Alexandr Golubev
A Practical Analysis of Asterisk SIP Server Performance - Razvan Rughinis

Section 6

ACGT - A Grid-Based Infrastructure for Medical Research - Radu Gramatovici
Spatial Database for Geographic Information System (GIS) Applications - Alexandru Boicea
A network based weather monitoring system for solar energy conversion - Alexandru Morega
Design and Implementation of an Integrated Software System for Managing Research Activities in Universities - Alina Andreica
Common Table Expression - WITH Statement - Manuela Horvat

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