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Post Conference

List of Papers

Title Authors Paper
Bluetooth network for medical data transfer in an outpatient environment Mihai Chetan, Alexandru Morega Download
The New Generation of the Web: Mobile Web Razvan Daniel Zota Download
Wireless Communication in Ubiquitous Environments, an Easy Target to Attacks Doina Bein Download
Wireless Sensor Networks in Heathcare - an architectural approach Sandor Rozsa, Vasile Teodor Dadarlat, Emil Cebuc Download
Spam Handling in Heterogeneous Environments Florin Bogdan MANOLACHE, Octavian RUSU, Pallavi ADUSUMILLI Download
Duplicate Transfer Problem inside a Proxy's Cache Darius Bufnea, Florian Boian Download
Evaluation of Security and Countermeasures for SIP-based VoIP Architecture Marius Herculea, Tudor Mihai Blaga, Virgil Dobrota Download
Component based platform for multimedia applications Ovidiu Ratoi, Piroska Haller, Ioan Salomie, Bela Genge Download
Solutions for Real-Time Communication over Best-Effort Networks Anca Pop, Ramona Marfievici, Gheorghe Sebestyen Download
End-to-End QoS Frameworks for Heterogeneous Networks - A Survey Bogdan Iancu, Vasile Dadarlat, Adrian Peculea Download
MD-CERT Services for Scientific and Research Communities of Moldova Alexei Altuhov, Peter Bogatencov, Alexandr Golubev, Veaceslav Sidorenco Download
A Practical Analysis of Asterisk SIP Server Performance Razvan Rughinis, Cristian Iconaru Download
On Participation of MD-Grid JRU Consortium in SEE-GRID-SCI Project Peter Bogatencov, Veaceslav Sidorenco Download
Activities of surveillance regarding the behaviour of hydraulic structures with GRID technologies Mariana Marinescu, Nicolae Popovici, Viorel Marinescu, Ion Udrescu, Alexandru Raducanu Download
Network Storage Solutions for Computer Clusters Florin Bogdan MANOLACHE, Octavian RUSU, Adrian DUMITRASC Download
Spatial Database for Geographic Information System (GIS) Applications Alexandru Boicea Download
A network based weather monitoring system for solar energy conversion Sliviu Cambesteanu, Marius Alexandru Panait, Alexandru Morega Download
Design and Implementation of an Integrated Software System for Managing Research Activities in Universities Alina Andreica, Serban Agachi Download
Common Table Expression - WITH Statement Manuela Horvat, Daniel Stuparu Download
„Mirror segmentation”: A New Segmentation Strategy for Video Objects inside Video Caches Claudiu Cobarzan Download
Optimizing service availability in VoIP signaling networks, by decoupling query handling in an asynchronous RPC manner Voichita Almasan, Iosif Ignat Download
Optimized adaptation of video streams in streaming servers Adrian Sterca Download

List of Authors

Author Papers
Serban Agachi 7
Voichita Almasan 23
Alexei Altuhov 20
Alina Andreica 7
Doina Bein 18
Tudor Mihai Blaga 12
Peter Bogatencov 20 14
Florian Boian 11
Alexandru Boicea 5
Darius Bufnea 11
Sliviu Cambesteanu 6
Emil Cebuc 22
Mihai Chetan 4
Claudiu Cobarzan 17
Vasile Teodor Dadarlat 19 22
Virgil Dobrota 12
Bela Genge 13
Alexandr Golubev 20
Piroska Haller 13
Marius Herculea 12
Manuela Horvat 8
Bogdan Iancu 19
Cristian Iconaru 25
Iosif Ignat 23
Florin Bogdan MANOLACHE 9 21
Ramona Marfievici 15
Mariana Marinescu 16
Viorel Marinescu 16
Alexandru Morega 4 6
Marius Alexandru Panait 6
Adrian Peculea 19
Anca Pop 15
Nicolae Popovici 16
Alexandru Raducanu 16
Ovidiu Ratoi 13
Sandor Rozsa 22
Razvan Rughinis 25
Octavian RUSU 21 9
Ioan Salomie 13
Gheorghe Sebestyen 15
Veaceslav Sidorenco 20 14
Adrian Sterca 24
Daniel Stuparu 8
Ion Udrescu 16
Razvan Daniel Zota 10

Other presentations

Nortel - State and future of optical transport networks

DANTE - GÉANT2 and towards GÉANT3

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