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Nowadays, modern education and research activities are strongly dependent on a high-speed communication infrastructure and computer networks based on the newest technology. Design, implementation, management of such networks, together with development of new application fields are not possible without good knowledge of networking state-of-the-art.

The seventh edition of RoEduNet's (Romanian Education Network) annual Conference, organized in Cluj-Napoca by RoEduNet Cluj-Napoca Branch under the patronage of Romanian Ministry of Education and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, offers special opportunities for information exchange in computer networking: technical and strategic aspects, communication issues, and of course their applications in education and research. As in previously organized conferences, this new event offers a proper framework for joining prominent personalities of digital communication and computer technology, and allows significant sharing of ideas and practical experience.

Your experience and ideas are very interesting for us and for all the participants and you are welcome to participate.

Hope to see you soon at the 7th RoEduNet Conference!

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